About Snow Services

ssiSnow Services, Inc. operates as the umbrella organization, out of our Pensacola, FL headquarters.  Selling, Saying, and Soaring, are all projects in development under Snow Services, Inc.

William "Bill" Snow, founder and CEO along with his team, are focused on empowerment projects in urban settings.

smfbss"I'm Just Selling"  the flagship training and empowerment program reaching into "urban" settings to mobilize and reach people seeking opportunity to excel in sales.

Real Estate, Auto, Electronics, Technology, Appliances, Watercraft, Lawn/Farm Equipment, you name it if it can be sold "I'm Just Selling" can instruct how to be a winner in sales.

DSC_0834Bill Snow is without a doubt a sales "Guru" and our program "I'm Just Selling" is the key that unlocks the belief that one "can't sell". Bill is committed to empowering his sales students with the tools they need to "Soar in Sales".  Many people have no idea how much potential lies within.  Bill believes with the proper instruction and training anyone and everyone can live the life they have only dreamed of.  Bill should know about just what is really possible.  Once a kid growing up in the toughest projects (Escambia Arms) of Pensacola,  his hometown, to now living out his dreams as the CEO and founder of Snow Services, Inc.